Nebrifruit SL is a trading company that was institutionally created on May 3, 2000.

Dedicated to the production and marketing of horticultural products, Nebrifruit SL has seen its share grow in national and international markets in recent years, being a company in full expansion today.

Nebrifruit SL is made up of four entrepreneurs, all of them knowledgeable about the countryside and owners of the land that is the object of the company’s exploitation, which is why all the products that Nebrifruit markets are produced by the same company, for the most part, also having a wide network of collaborators. . This allows perfect traceability, this being an added value for horticultural products that move in such a competitive market.

Nebrifruit SL is located in the town of Lebrija, province of Seville and bordering the province of Cádiz.




Nebrifruit’s production area is located in the “Lebrija marshes”, in sector B-XII of Bajo Guadalquivir. This area of ​​marshes has a total of 15,000 hectares, which are divided into plots of 12 hectares each.

The entire production area is surrounded by a retaining wall, thus preventing the entry of water from adjacent areas. Also, for prolonged rainy seasons, the farms are drained and channeled for an evacuation of excess water. This means that the crops are not affected by excess moisture.

The production area has a regulation reservoir that guarantees the water supply at all times of cultivation. The water in this reservoir comes from the reserves of the Guadalquivir basin (Seville, Córdoba and Jaén).


Our main products and area for each of them are the following:

Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrot, Picuda Cabbage, Pumpkin, Spinach, Savoy Cabbage, Parsley Root and Onion.

In all of them, production is geared towards both fresh produce and industry.

The total area of ​​annual production has approximately 1,500 hectares of crops.

All our production is certified under the GLOBAL GAP quality protocol.

Carrot life cycle.



There are three main lines that can summarize Nebrifruit’s activity:

1.- Production of horticultural products: n production, Nebrifruit works with an exhaustive control of traceability, controlling from the choice of the ideal seed, planting in the nursery and even harvesting. The main objective of this control is the “rational use of pesticides”, always controlled by a technician from the company itself.

2.- Handling of said products: All the products that our farmers have produced are handled in our facilities. Said manipulation is carried out according to the specifications of each one of our clients. Nebrifruit works with the most modern existing techniques in agriculture and has modern facilities, which are adapted to the demands of the national and international markets, always respecting the Environment. The handling process is also governed by an exhaustive traceability control.

3.- Marketing of the products: Our marketing department has a consolidated portfolio of clients, with whom we maintain an excellent relationship of collaboration, trust and support. It is our obligation to understand what the client is looking for and satisfy their needs.

Cauliflower life cycle.



We have 6,000 m2 of warehouses, divided between loading and unloading areas, handling warehouse, cold rooms and offices.

The handling warehouse is in turn divided into two areas, one for carrot processing, where the use of water is required, and the other for handling the rest of the products that do not need washing. In this second area we have two lines for handling products destined for the fresh market.



We have six cold rooms, both for receiving the product from the field and for preserving the product once it has been handled, assuming a total of 2,000 m2 between the six. Our cold rooms are available for rent in case it is needed. In the contacts section you can find everything you need to request information.