For Nebrifruit, saying carrot means delving into the bowels of the company. Carrot is a specialty. Every year, our product leaves its mark on the markets and is constantly revalued.

Our carrot stands out for its color and flavor, qualities achieved over the years through the study and work of our technical director, who, through trials and tests, has managed to reach the desired level of quality in any world market, be it Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Eastern Europe or the Nordic countries, as well as the Middle East.

Harvesting for our carrot is mechanical. Our carrot harvesting and transfer system allows us to get from the field to the table in a short space of time, in this way and thanks to our refrigeration systems, the carrot maintains a cold chain that makes it a totally fresh and tasty when reaching the final consumer.

Each of our clients demands and requires a personalized treatment, with exclusive temperature, packaging and labeling conditions, which is why we have become specialists when it comes to handling the formats and qualities that are required of us. This flexibility in our production system makes our customers loyal, which is why we have relationships that last year after year.

The carrot is a vegetable with few calories, but many vitamins, whether they are vitamins A (good for eyes), C and E (antioxidants) or B9 (folic acid). The properties of the carrot make it an essential food in any type of diet and taking it often provides multiple health benefits.